16 TOPICS TO DISCUSS WITH YOUR CHILDCARE PROVIDER (as communities begin to loosen up during COVID-19)

As communities begin to loosen social distancing guidelines, we will see a range of comfort levels among parents, their neighbors, friends and caregivers.  Below, please find a list of topics to consider discussing with your au pair/nanny/sitter before you enter this next stage. Take the time to listen to and address your childcare provider’s questions and concerns and understand that their time with you may look very different from what  they originally signed up for. We realize that these changes are not easy and not always black and white. Every locality/State may have a different set of rules so please keep this in mind as you read through. Open communication can ultimately ensure a stress-free, happy and healthy relationship!

  1. 1. Where can your childcare provider take your children (consider outdoor facilities such as parks, playgrounds, beaches) and indoor places such as libraries or stores, etc.
  2. 2. In what situations should your child/caregiver be wearing masks?
  3. 3. What requirements do you have for walks/hikes?
  4. 4. Can the kids have play dates (at your home, at a friend’s house – list of kids allowed)?
  5. 5. What rules do you have for your childcare provider when she/he is supervising a playdate if supervising playdates are permitted?
  6. 6. Can your child/caregiver attend a community pool? Friend’s pools? If so, have a list of who/what pools you are comfortable with them attending.
  7. 7. Are you comfortable with your childcare provider spending time with friends/relatives if they wear a mask? Under what 
    specific conditions would you allow your childcare provider to spend time with other child care provider friends?)
  8. 8. Are you comfortable with your childcare provider spending time with their significant other? (Any restrictions on where or when they can meet (ex. such as your house their house)? Do you require them to wear masks? 
    9. Are you comfortable if your child care  provider  gathering in a small group if they social distance?
  9.  10. How many people can your childcare provider be with at one time?
  10. 11. Can your childcare provider go inside another friend home? Can they socialize outside?
  11. 12. Can your childcare provider’s friend or another childcare provider go inside your home? Can they meet outside your home (ex. the yard)?
  12. 13. What businesses can your au pair/nanny/sitter visit when officially open (ex. restaurants/nail salons/hair salons/gyms/stores)? If so, what is your social distancing policy?
  13. 14. Are you comfortable with your childcare provider taking public transportation? If so, are there any precautions or restrictions you would like him/her to take?
  14. 15. Can your childcare provider ride in a car with a friend or use a rideshare service? 
  15. 16. How will you manage your childcare provider’s off duty time? Can they travel? If so do you have restrictions on modes of transportation, domestic trips (any restricted states?) vs. international trips?