Au Pair Schedule and Responsibilities

Our schedules are never perfect! We have a ton of activities and events, school functions, parties, travel, and it is hectic almost always! But here is what I know. I have a general guideline for the kids and what I need my au pair to do. That is our baseline. As the weeks change, activities are added, some things are dropped, our schedule changes, but these things below remain constant!

I work from home but many days I am at meetings. I am able to be at home or close to home, but if you are on duty, you are responsible for the children. The children know that if I am working from home, the Au Pair is still in charge. After the first few weeks, you will be alone with one or more of the kids and as such, you should familiarize yourself with their schedules. For the most part, we try to stick to the schedule as close as possible. However, there are days when we may change the schedule or add things to the schedule, and of course we will update you on those changes.

Day to day, you are the boss! If there are things you would like to do with the kids, please let us know and we will make arrangements or help you plan.

We will ask that you are ready to begin your day at 7am. It is up to you whether you want to shower in the mornings or the evenings, but when you come downstairs in the morning, we ask that you have brushed your teeth, washed your face, and are wearing clean clothes. You must shower or bathe once a day.

Below is a general schedule for what needs to happen every day. It doesn’t always work so perfectly, but we try! Keep in mind that I am flexible. As long as they eat on time and sleep on time, the rest is just fun!

morning jobs

Children need to:

get dressed, have breakfast, brush hair/teeth, the older kids may need their lunch box, backpack, and water bottle ready, play play play or go to a class, eat lunch, and take a nap at 12:30pm

The on duty adult needs to:

help the kids get ready for the day and get them dressed if they have a class, make lunch boxes and get their backpacks ready, feed and clean up the breakfast area after breakfast, prepare lunch for the children not at school, eat/feed them lunch, and put them down for a nap by 12:30pm

afternoon/evening jobs

Children need to:

eat a snack/milk, play play play or go to a class, tidy up the playroom, eat dinner, take a bath and put on pajamas, say prayers, brush teeth, read or sing a song before bed, and sleep by 7:30pm

The on duty adult needs to:

prepare a snack/milk, play or take them to a class, help clean up, prepare/feed them dinner, give them a bath, put away towels and clean up bathroom, help them brush their teeth, read them a story or sing a song, make sure the video monitors are on and are working, administer any medications (if they are sick), give them a bottle/milk, say goodnight!

As mentioned before, as long as these things are completed by one or more of us, then everything else is just fine. There may be classes for the children, karate, swimming, etc. and those will be discussed as they come up. You may be asked to take one or more child to a class, stay home with those kids who are not attending a class, or take the other children to the park, store, and so on.

Thanks for reading!

** This is part of a series on creating a Family Manual for a successful year of hosting an au pair.

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