Visitors And Guests

Here you will find sample guidelines regarding a family’s visitor and guest policy. This is something that will need to be tailored to your family lifestyle and preferences, but please take a look for some inspiration!

You are welcome to invite friends or family to visit from out of town. Please just talk to us about it in advance. There are a few considerations we will need to discuss before your guests arrive, but know that we would love for you to be able to entertain your guests.

During work hours, please do not have any guests over to the house without talking to us about it first. Generally, we do not want guests in the house during your work hours unless they are other au pairs caring for children, who come over for a play date. If this is the case, then please just ask beforehand. Please also make sure that the other au pair has permission to have a playdate!

During non-work hours, you may have friends come over whenever you want. We want you to feel like this is your house, too – and we will look forward to meeting your friends! Please make sure that you and your friends are not too loud after the rest of the family has gone to bed. If your guests are very loud, please use our backyard patio and seating area to entertain if you are not ready for them to go home. This way the children will still be able to sleep.

Please talk to us in advance if you wish to have a friend stay overnight. No male visitors may stay overnight unless they are family members (your Dad, brothers, etc.). I understand that you may choose to have a significant other (girlfriend/ boyfriend) while you are staying with us and we would never want to stand in the way of love, but we would rather not have that person spend the night. If you would like to have your significant other spend the night, please discuss this with us and we may be able to work something out but we will need to get to know the person very well. However, if we are not in town, we will not allow any male guests spend the night. It isn’t safe for ANYONE!

Please do not allow anyone under the age of 21 to drink alcohol in our home (or out of our home). This is illegal, and we could be held responsible if something happened to them after they were drinking in our home.

Your guests are NEVER allowed to drive our family car.

You should NEVER leave the children alone with your guests! Especially male guests.

Please do not allow your guests to go through our personal belongings. There may be things we would only like for you to know (our alarm code) and there may be things we would like for no one to know (like my dirty laundry in our master bedroom).

Our home will always have visitors or au pairs, and I will always let you know beforehand. If it is family visiting, we ask that you are kind and respectful, but you are not required to spend time with us. If someone asks you to do something that you are uncomfortable with or it is something that is different than our normal schedule, please let me know. You are the boss! Remember, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

* This is part of a series on creating a Family Manual for a successful year of hosting an au pair. For more posts by Jennifer Yoel like this one, please visit the Family Manual tab to the right.

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