30 Questions To Ask Your Next Au Pair or Nanny

Interviewing candidates is both exciting and daunting! In an effort to ease your heart, check out some of these questions that will be sure to help you find the next great Au Pair or Nanny!

Let the games and questions begin!

1.) What is your favorite place in the house?

This will give you an idea of what their life is like at home and might give you some insight into their hobbies. Is she in an open area, in her bedroom, is it even in the house?

2.) If I walked into your room, what would I see?

Is she organized, clean, a mess, books, music, skis, athletic?

3.) What do you think children like about you the most?

Can she be fun, active, happy, does she like to read, do art work, is she patient?

4.) How do you feel about taking care of twins/three kids/older kids/babies/strong-willed kids/special needs?

This will help you gauge whether or not they can fit your needs!

5.) What is something that I should know about you that I wouldn’t know to ask?

Is there something she is proud of? What does she want you to know about her?

6.) What scares you the most about working with our family and your au pair year?

Is she responsible enough? Is she concerned about the kids bonding with her? I would see if she answers but also provides a solution or you can ask her for possible solutions.

7.) If it’s 6pm and the kids are hungry, tired, screaming, what are a few food items you can put together quickly to make them calm?

What are her go to recipes? Can she manage the witching hour (4pm to 7pm) where everything is chaos?

8.) What is your family’s policy on dating and drinking alcohol?

Think about what your policies are and see if they match. What kinds of things can she do if she is able to drink in her home country but is not able to drink in America?

9.)How do you feel about driving?
a) Are you comfortable driving in heavy rain? Snow? At night?
b) Do you typically drive on busy streets or rural areas?
c) Do you own a car?
d) How frequently do your drive?

10.) We are ______ religion. How do you feel about celebrating ________ holidays? Would you be interested in joining us?

I would see if the Au Pair wants to learn about your religion, do you want to learn about hers, and whether or not this will be a problem since families do gather for various religious functions like baptisms, christmas, communion, sunday school, temples, bar mitzvahs, etc.

11.) What are your goals for your Au Pair year?

Travel, if so where? School? Friends? Getting married?

12.) Two kids are fighting with each other, how do you handle this?

Does she remove the one that is hitting? Does she protect the one being hit? How do you discipline your kids? Will she be able to follow your parenting style for aggressive behavior?

13.) How do you feel about being in charge when a Host Parent is home?

What do you want her to do? Will she draw the kids back to her? How will she handle it when kids say that they want a parent who is in room next door?

14.) Diet and exercise?

What are her favorite foods? What does she do to stay active. What do her meals look like at home? This will also give you an idea of what kinds of foods you will need to provide.

15.) Do you feel comfortable giving the kids medication when they are sick?

You will need to train them, but can they take a temperature, write it down, figure out dosing for each child?

16.) What do you like most about the time you spend with your family in your home country?

17.) What are some important dates to your family?

Birthdays, death anniversaries, cultural holidays, religious holidays. Keep these in mind because the au pair may start to feel homesick around these days and you will know to pay a little more attention because it’s mom’s birthday, or sister’s graduation.

18.) What is your favorite meal of the day and why?

Do they eat together? Is it breakfast? How do you eat meals with your family? Will the au pair be alone during her favorite meal? That’s ok, just make sure to tell the au pair beforehand.

19.) How do you want the au pair to spend her free time? Do you want a homebody? Someone who is out of the house?

20.) Curfew rules. What are the rules in her house now? What are your rules? How will she ensure that she is compliant with your rules?

21.) A host kid does something great! What are the kind of rewards you would give them?

Words of encouragement? A small gift? Positive feedback? Don’t care?

22.) What is something you want to change about yourself?

Stubborn, diet, body image, etc. Whatever it is, is it something that would still make the au pair a good role model for the family?

23.) Would you like to extend for two years with the right family?

24.) Did you look at the schedule? What do you think about your time off and your time working?

See if she is hesitant about having them for a full day, or if she is worried about driving to get them to school and their activities.

25.) Are you more organized and like rules and a fixed set of responsibilities, or do you like to be creative and set your own tasks?

Ask this question to find out about how she manages her time. Will she be able to bring them home from an activity, make dinner, give them a bath, and still get everyone to bed? Will she be stressed? What can she do to plan ahead for a busy day like prep for meals beforehand? Do you need someone who is punctual, or someone who is more relaxed? Someone who takes instructions literally, or someone who uses them more as suggestions?

26.) What would your ideal host family/employer be like?

27.) If you disagreed with something that your host parents/employer said or did, how would you handle it?

28.) Are you okay with our family’s schedule? (Talk in detail about your family’s typical schedule. Will you expect her to work early mornings? Evenings? A 9-5, Monday-Friday schedule?

29.) How flexible are you on a scale of 1-10? (1 being very rigid and 10 being extremely flexible).

30.) What additional responsibilities are you comfortable taking on as our au pair/nanny? (Talk about your specific household needs related to the children; for example: meal prep, kids’ laundry, light cleaning, setting up appointments, etc.)

Do you have questions you like to ask? Post them in the comments section!

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