Household Handbook

The Household Handbook is the Bible for au pairs and their host families. This will take some time to create, but once it is complete, you will be so happy that you have it. Aside from some changes you may need to make to it as your kids get older, this will organize your life and help your household run as smoothly as possible.

Communication is key those first few weeks and because there is a lot to learn about each other, a HOUSEHOLD HANDBOOK is the best way to achieve success! Over time, I will try to break down each section of a sample Family Manual so you can use it as an example in some of the key topics I think every Household Handbook should include:

Health And Safety Guidelines

Personal and Car Safety

EpiPen Instructions

General House Rules

Au Pair Schedule and Responsibilities

How to Handle Homesickness

Activities to do with Children

Meal Time

Discipline & The Children

Household Duties

Family Car Policy

Au Pair Meetings

Off Duty & Free Time

Pay and Vacation Schedule

Curfew Guidelines

15 Practical Skills to Master as an Au Pair

Education Courses for your Au Pair

Cultural Exchange

Privacy and your Room

Telephone, Technology, and Television

Visitors and Guests

Sick Days



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